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Dear Sister,


As a graduate from an elite college, you know what it's like to push, perfect and perform at the top level.  And despite hitting every mile marker of success, enough is never enough.


My sister of the Ivy League, it's time to take off the veil of perfection and get messy. For far too long we've been conditioned to hold it all together without a hint of vulnerability.


The veil of perfection is not only costing us our physical and mental health, but also leaving deep scars that keep us from embracing our raw, real beauty.


It's time to come together, speak our truth and unveil the intuitive wisdom whispering in our souls.


Join me and your amazing Sisters who await your arrival with open arms.


Your Ivy Sister,

Lauren Balukjian, Dartmouth '06, Founder of Ivy League Sisters



Here's what your Ivy League Sisters have to say:

Letting down my guard and speaking my truth in a safe space with other women was liberating and inspiring.  I realized I'm not alone in the way I can be so hard and critical on myself.

-Veronica Anghel

"Lauren has a gift for creating a safe space where everyone can feel at ease.  She guides with an open-heart which in turn allows others to be vulnerable and show-up as their authentic self.  This was an empowering experience."

-Heidi Conner

I left this experience feeling grateful, supported, and inspired. I feel lucky to have connected with a diverse group of accomplished women who reminded me we all experience imposter syndrome when we're stepping out of our comfort zone.”

-Claire Byrne